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XRM Javascript
var xrmPage = window.parent.Xrm.Page;
var clienthierarchylevel = xrmPage.getAttribute(“lbg_clienthierarchylevel”).getValue();

var clientHierarchyLevel = Xrm.Page.getAttribute(“lbg_clienthierarchylevel”).getValue();

var id;
var entityName =;

Custom Lookup

Wait field


Console App

CRM Portal

CRM Date Time

CRM- task from workflow

CRM JavaScripts:-


CRM 2013 – MB2-703 – Business Units and Security Roles Study Information
Sample: Retrieve multiple with the QueryByAttribute class
Sample: Retrieve multiple with the QueryExpression class

Importing and Updating Records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

On demand workflow

You can have two organizations using same sql server Instance but not 2 CRM server installations. Each CRM server will create it’s own
MSCRM_CONFIG database , What you can do is install another instance of sql server database on the same server and use that instance of the sql
server to install new CRM server. One more thing to give attention is if you are planning to use same sever for reporting service then you can’t use
that SSRS server for another installation of crm Instance.

Plugin not triggered in data import***
As you mentioned that your plugin is not working in case of Import , I suspect because in your plugin you have checked for a condition of depth
property that is if Context.depth > 1 ; return from the code.
When you import data using import wizard the depth is always grater than 1 and if I am not forgetting it is 2.
I will suggest you to debug your plugin code while importing of data to get the exact value of depth in that case and accordingly change the
Context.depth condition.
Secondly if you are updating data using import ,apart from the above depth condition make sure one of the field with in the import file must be in
the filtering Attribute(if you are applying filtering Attribute) during plugin step registration or else do not include any filtering Attribute ,
let it be ALL.
Hope this will resolve your issue,thanks

Plugin tracing**

Plugin holiday ***

Plugin UnSecured Congfiguration*

CRM 2015 Online – Accessing Subgrid data using Javascript—accessing-subgrid-data-using-javascript

How to Create Test Cases for Microsoft Dynamics CRM with XMind


var ctrl = Xrm.Page.getControl(“Courses”);
for(prop in ctrl)
if(typeof ctrl[prop].get_recordCount === ‘function’)


crm 2013: javascript get attributes from other entity in Contact Form

You need the guid, name and entity type to set the value of a lookup field


enable/disable button on ribbon


“+” button defaults to the “Add existing” option on subgrids.

http://sqldav02d7:5555/OneView/XRMServices/2011/OrganizationData.svc/lbg_courseSet?$filter=lbg_AssociatedTrainng/Id eq guid'{A4ADDA08-C4C2-E711-8D00-005056AA721B}’
——workflow from plugin—–

pre vs post image
Message Stage Pre-Image Post-Image
Create PRE No No
Create POST No Yes
Update PRE Yes No
Update POST Yes Yes
Delete PRE Yes No

Delete POST Yes No

workflow state code
——Code Beautifier—-

public void LogMessage(String message, EventLogEntryType type)
// Try and write to the windows event log. This will fail if the plug-in is running in Isolated mode
EventLog EL = new EventLog();
if (!EventLog.SourceExists(“MSCRM Plug-in”))
EventLog.CreateEventSource(“MSCRM Plug-in”, “Application”);
EL.Source = “MSCRM Plug-in”;
EL.WriteEntry(message, type);
// Do nothing if there is an error writing to the event log

What Is Meant By Managed Properties?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blogs

debug plugin


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